A Critique of an empirical research study on second language acquisition

Critical Period Effects in Second Language Learning: The Influence of Maturational State on the Acquisition of English as a Second languageby Jacqueline S. Johnson and Elissa L. Newport

1.0 Introduction
Since the late sixties, a considerable amount of research has been conducted in the field of second language acquisition. The complicated process of language learning has attracted continuing interest from researchers in the disciplines of English, Linguistics, Psychology, and Education. Such interest has led to the emergence of second language studies as an area of professional emphasis within academic communities taking into consideration both teaching and learning perspectives. The field of second language acquisition has become a vibrant field with a literature of its own, frequently using explorations in first language as a starting point.

1.1 Critical Period Hypothesis
One of the theories that has caused a great deal of controversy among scholars is the critical period theory. Len…

Native-like Phonology in Second Language Acquisition: Effective Learner Strategies

Native-like Phonology in Second Language Acquisition: Effective Learner Strategies
Jilani Warsi

"We each of us possess, in a greater or less degree, what the German call "speech-feeling," a sense of what is worthy of adoption and what should be avoided and condemned. This in almost all of us is an instinctive process; we feel the advantages or disadvantages of new forms and new distinctions, although we should be hard put to it to give a reason for our feeling. We know, for instance, that it is now wrong to say "much" rather than "many thanks," though Shakespeare used the phrase; that "much happier" is right, though the old "much happy" is wrong, and that 'very' must in many cases take the place once occupied by much. We say a picture was ' hung', but a murderer was 'hanged', often, perhaps, without being conscious that we make the distinction...Grammarians can help this corporate will by registering its de…