English Pronunciation for Polish Speakers

Areas of Difficulty for Polish Speakers Consonants: I./p/, /t/, and /k/ in word initial positionPractice aspirating these consonants in word initial position as follows: Paper         point                painting           persecute         prosecute Talk           tainted              temple              temptation        tranquil Carry         carriage            curse                cartoon            chronicle         
II./b/, /d/, /g/, /v/, //, /z/, // and // in word final position Pay special attention to the final sound in the following words as you pronounce them.  Do not devoice the final sound.
Slab           crab     grab     grub     scrub   flab      snub    strobe  globe Sled           fled      grad     stud     scrod   crud     flood    mud     breed Brag          drag     flag      snug    smug   slug     log       slog     clog Glove        cave     five      strive   cleave  sleeve  rave     brave   slave Breathe      teethe   clothe   filth      stealth  blithe   …

English Pronunciation for Korean Speakers

Areas of Difficulty for Korean Speakers Consonants I./p/ vs. /f/ Practice contrasting /p/ and /f/ using the following minimal pairs:
Peel/feel     pray/fray          supper/suffer   leap/leaf           gap/gaff Pit/fit         pat/fat              plunk/flunk                  pending/fending           II./b/ vs. /v/ Practice contrasting /b/ and /v/ using the following minimal pairs:
Bane/vein  best/vest          bend/vend        rebel/revel        robe/rove Beer/veer   bent/vent          bye/vie             libber/liver       bile/vile  III./z/ Korean doesn’t have /z/, and Korean speakers of English tend to pronounce this sound as /dz/ or /ts/.  Pronounce /z/ in different word positions carefully:
Zero           zone     zoo      buzzer              guzzler             dazzle Has            bruise              buzz                 graze                phase  IV./b/ and /g/ Korean has both aspirated and unaspirated voiceless stops, but it does not have voiced stops.  Practice discriminat…

English Pronunciation for Japanese Speakers

Areas of Difficulty for Japanese Speakers ConsonantsI./s/ vs. /sh/ Make the distinction between the two sounds using the following minimal pairs:
Sill/shillsign/shinesimmer/shimmer sue/shoe Sealed/shieldbrass/brash same/shamesingle/shingle Now try this tongue twister: She sells seashells by the seashore.  II./t/ vs. /ch/ Distinguish between these sounds in the following minimal pairs: Time/chimetill/chilltar/chartide/chide batter/batcher tang/Changbatting/batching  III./b/ vs. /v/ Practice pronouncing /b/ and /v/ in the following minimally-paired words carefully:
Berry/veryboat/votebuy/vierebel/revel robe/rovelibber/liverbile/vile bane/vane IV./l/ vs. /r/ Practice discriminating between /l/ and /r/ in different word positions and in consonant clusters:
Light/rightlate/ratelocket/rocket Believe/bereavecollect/correctfiling/firing Stall/starmole/morefoal/four Flight/frightflame/frameflail/frail Blight/brightbloom/broomblink/brink Pleasant/presentplay/prayBlake/break
V./w/ and /y/ in word-i…

English Pronunciation for Italian Speakers

Areas of Difficulty for Italian Speakers ConsonantsI./p/, /t/, and /k/ in word-initial positionPractice aspirating these consonants in word initial position as follows: Paperpointpaintingpersecuteprosecute Talktaintedtempletemptation tranquil Carrycarriagecursecartoonchronicle II./th/ and /dh/Pronounce these words carefully: Breath/breathebath/bathecloth/clothe Now try this tongue twister: Those three thieves threw thirteen things in the thicket of thorn trees. III./h/Pronounce the following pairs of words. Make sure you pronounce the /h/ in the second word. Eel/healail/hailowl/howl and/hand IV./r/Practice the English /r/ in different word positions, and avoid pronouncing it as a trill. Rumblewranglerestitutionresultrackrash Scaringleeringluringpurringpeeringsneering Scarstarfirebantergandersmuggler V./sh/, /zh/, and /dz/ Pronounce the following words to contrast these sounds:
Wish masherbashshootbrash Measureallusionmiragegaragebarrage Wedgesmudgebadgejutemerge  VI./s/ vs. /z/ in initial …